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The Right Equipment for The Right Job

J. Paige Freeland

Millions in the United States enjoy summer climate control through the use of an air conditioning system.  Many living in hot and humid Southern states may not be living in there without one.  In addition to high heat, humidity is an additional factor that adds to summer discomfort. You know that sticky feeling, hair that falls flat, fabrics that never fully dry, or for some, difficulty breathing?

The Right Equipment for The Right Job - Stay in touch with generalaire by reading the latest news & announcements  - humid_2

While air conditioners remove excess moisture from the air during the cooling process, their activity is dictated by achieving the desired temperature.   This means that when the desired temperature is achieved by an air conditioner, it cycles down (shuts off).  Yet humidity levels may yet be too high and uncomfortable after the air conditioner is no longer running.  This often causes people to turn their air conditioning temperature down even further to remove humidity, resulting in a discomfort of another kind:  being too cold

The Right Equipment for The Right Job - Stay in touch with generalaire by reading the latest news & announcements  - humid

The solution?  Installing a whole house dehumidifier; not only a helpful solution, but a more comfortable one. 

Since air conditioners use anywhere from 3000 to 4000 watts per hour while running, utility bills can become more costly. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, air conditioners represent 6% of all the United State’s electricity use during the summer months.

A whole house dehumidifier’s activity is dictated by achieving proper humidity levels.  In addition, dehumidifiers use only 700 to 900 watts per hour while running.   This makes for the perfect partnership; air conditioning managing temperature and dehumidification managing humidity.  Now the homeowner finds total comfort with appropriate temperature and humidity, while also keeping utility costs down.

The GeneralAire DH75 (removes up to 75 pints per day) & DH100 (removes up to 100 pints per day) dehumidifiers not only provide humidity reduction at a lower wattage use, but they offer Wi-Fi control, a fan-only function, and more features that other models in the market do not. Wi-Fi control becomes particularly helpful when installed in a crawl space, as homeowners and contractors can change settings from the comfort of their favorite chair, while on vacation, or at work. The DH75 removes up to 75 pints and the DH100 removes up to 100 pints, ideal so that homeowners don’t have to visit crawl spaces, basements, or attics. 

The Right Equipment for The Right Job - Stay in touch with generalaire by reading the latest news & announcements  - DH75-%26-DH100-Low-Res

In addition to being a resource in humid or Southern climates, dehumidification is also ideal for indoor gardening, homes along any ocean, lake, or river coastline, large boats / yachts, hotel rooms, or anywhere humidity control is required for indoor health and comfort.

Use the right equipment for the right job.  Partner air conditioning with dehumidification for total summer comfort and health.


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