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Second Wind™ Commercial UV Air Purifiers

IMPORTANT:  The strength of our UV Air Purifiers may cause damage to skin and eyes if not handled correctly; therefore, all installations and lamp replacements should be conducted only by a qualified contractor.  These are NOT to be used to disinfect clothing or other personal items.  These are NOT to be turned on or used when outside a duct.  Do not look directly at a bulb that has been turned on.  Do not touch a bulb with your bare hands.

Second Wind™ 3024 Industrial/Commercial UV Air Purifier
9 Available *List $1403.95 *No Returns
GFI#: 4957 *Final Sale
Second Wind 2000-230 OD Commercial/Industrial UV Air Purifier
68 Available *List $1,716.40 *No Returns
GFI#: 4906 *Final Sale
Second Wind 5009SL
13 Available *List $2,720.48 *No Returns
GFI#: 4910 *Final Sale
Second Wind 5009DL
6 Available *List $1,801.58 *No Returns
GFI#: 4911 *Final Sale
Second Wind 5018SL
12 Available *List $1,384.38 *No Returns
GFI#: 4912 *Final Sale
Second Wind 5018DL
3 Available *List $1,691.92 *No Returns
GFI#: 4913 *Final Sale
Second Wind 5036SL
3 Available *List $1,895.60 *No Returns
GFI#: 4908 *Final Sale

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