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Humidifier Parts

STEAM UNITS:  We do not sell steam humidifier parts through our website (humidistats excluded). For your safety and for the longevity of your steam humidifier, we recommend that you purchase replacement parts from (and have any maintenance or repairs performed by) a licensed contractor.  Discontinued models can be found by scrolling down the page.  If you are unsure of your model, click here to learn where to find your model number.
If you do not have a contractor, use the find a contractor tool on our website. 
Model 1000A Humidifier
18 GPD * Normally $825.98 * No Returns
Model 5500 Steam Humidifier
GFI#: 5580
For Homes Up To 5500 Square Feet
Model 3200M Evaporative Humidifier
GFI#: 5800
For Homes Up To 3200 Square Feet
Model 3200A Evaporative Humidifier
GFI#: 5801
For Homes Up To 3200 Square Feet
Model 4200M Evaporative Humidifier
GFI#: 5950
For Homes Up To 4200 Square Feet
Model 4200A Evaporative Humidifier
GFI#: 5951
For Homes Up To 4200 Square Feet
Model RS15 Steam Humidifier
GFI#: 5545
Model RS35 Steam Humidifier
GFI#: 5540
Model RS25 Steam Humidifier
GFI#: 5547
Model SL16 Legacy Humidifier
GFI#: 5000
Model 81 Drum Humidifier
GFI#: 5048
Model 65 Drum Humidifier
GFI#: 5070
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