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Residential Whole-House UV Air Purifiers

A residential whole-house ultraviolet air purifier works to deconstruct airborne contaminants in your home. In fact, hospitals have long used ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers in tuberculosis wards to keep patients healthy. Your first line of defense for clean air in your home is to install a high-efficiency air cleaner incorporated into your furnace. Some benefits of having UV air purifiers in your house are to:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce mold
  • Reduce odors
  • Inactivate VOC's
  • Inactivate germs, bacteria, and viruses

How Does UV Light Purify Air in A Home?

UV Air Purifiers utilize UV-C light to deactivate germs, bacteria, and viruses, rendering them harmless. This process happens when the air passes through your home's duct system and is exposed to UV light as germs pass by. Healthier air is then introduced back into your home.

Our Second Wind™ UV Air Purifiers

Second Wind™ Air Purifiers lamps should be replaced to maintain the powerful effectiveness of Second Wind™ UV Air Purifiers against infectious airborne contaminants, according to the product’s recommendations.

The Power of TERSus Technology

GeneralAire® TERSus Technology combines filtration, UV disinfection, and photocatalytic purification to remove all airborne contaminants. These three technologies work in unison to eliminate air pollution, as identified by the CDC. It is imperative to ensure your home air purifier works overtime to protect your home and family. TERSus also offers a 5-year warranty.

Residential Whole-House UV Air Purifier Features

Discover the Benefits of Residential Whole-House UV Air Purifiers Today!

Residential Whole House Air Purifiers help improve indoor air by inactivating viruses, germs, bacteria, VOCs, and odors, keeping your family happy and healthy all year 'round. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today for more information about our great options!

Second Wind® UV Air Purifiers

Second Wind™ Air Purifiers are a recognized leader in ultraviolet air purification in residential settings.

TERSus Technology

GeneralAire® TERSus Technology combines filtration, UV disinfection and photocatalytic purification to eliminate all three sources of air pollution as identified by the CDC. The one air cleaner to remove all sources of indoor air pollution, TERSus means clean air! Offers a 5-year warranty.

Residential Whole-House UV Air Purifiers Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Uv Air Purifiers & Air Filtration?

The critical difference is that UV air purifiers remove germs, bacteria, and mold that is already airborne. Meanwhile, air filtration removes harmful particles that become airborne. Both will reduce airborne germs, but the process and when they attack the particles are different.

What Maintenance Does a Uv Air Purifier Require?

Depending on the model, a new lamp in your UV air purifier will be required once every year or every two years. That's it! IMPORTANT: Look away from a light when powered on, and remember to power off your purifier before replacing the lamp. Do not touch the glass with your bare hands when replacing lamps. Instead, use a tissue or wear gloves to handle it.

What Does the CDC Say About Uv Light Treatment?

The CDC wrote a manual, alongside the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) and the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), for effective UV light installation. They currently recommend UV lights to reduce the transmission of tuberculosis in hospitals and recommend UVGI (UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation) light technology to inactivate airborne TB bacteria.

Read Their Manual

Do Uv Air Purifiers Increase Ozone?

The EPA conducted two studies and found that operating UV lamps installed in HVAC systems to irradiate the surfaces of air-handling units does not result in increased ozone concentrations.

Read What They Say

Is UV Light Harmful?

Just like exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can be harmful, ultraviolet light can cause damage when exposed for too long. To avoid harmful UV rays affecting your skin and eyes, you should never look at or touch a UV light bulb while it is on. When replacing lamps, use tissues or a glove to handle the glass.

Fortunately, exposure to UV radiation is unlikely from your HVAC system as the light is installed inside the ductwork. There is no direct exposure to you or your family. Remember to power off your purifier before replacing the lamps, and do not look directly at a lamp that is powered on.

Why Would I Want to Install a Uv Light?

UV lights reduce the amount of microbes, viruses, germs, and bacteria throughout your home. Since the 1900s, UV light has been used to prevent the spread of diseases. In 1903, Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for using UV against lupus vulgaris, tuberculosis of the skin. Using UV lights to treat water dates back to 1916 and is commonly used today to treat drinking water, wastewater, and indoor air.

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