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Consumer Feedback

GeneralAire Filter Media - From a HVAC Trainer

GeneralAire has probably got, in my opinion, the best air filters in the market.


GeneralAire Water Savor Controller - From a Home Owner

This makes all the difference in the world for me, should definitely be standard equipment.


GeneralAire Water Savor Controller - From a Home Owner

I installed this timer on an Amana furnace/ AC unit with an Aprilaire 500 bypass style humidifier. So far I’m pretty impressed. The settings are easy to understand and I really do believe this is already saving water.


GeneralAire 5500 - From a Contractor

"This humidifier is a tremendous advancement over the steam humidifiers that have been in the market previously.  I installed it quite easily, and it works like a charm.  I'll definitely be recommending these to other customers." 



IAQ Products - From a Homeowner

"Excellent product, does exactly what it says, well packaged and on time.  You can fine tune the humidity in your home easily - because my house is very tight and well insulated, it drives the humidity up to 60, sometimes 70 percent.  Now I can keep it well controlled at 43 with no hassle.  So much more comfortable and completely cleans the air moving through the MERV 11 pleated filter.  Thank you General!" 



General Oil Filters - From a Contractor

Have been using this product since 1964, holding up well & replacement filters are low cost, but filter well, no nozzle clog problems in 48 years of use. All this without breaking the bank & mine was made in the USA too, so I like that.  The bottom line is, works real good, lasts a loooooong time & doesn't cost too much, so that makes it a good bang for the bucks spent. PP

IAQ Products - From a Wholesaler

We have a pet sanctuary in Joelton Walden Puddle, TN, a wildlife rehabilitation & education center, that is known all over the country for the great work they do and saving the lives of many wounded endangered species. One of the issues at their facility was the indoor pollution inside their building.  MW Mechanical installed a TERSus 2000, a PCO2450, an AC500, and an ERV. They could tell a significant difference the first day and are very happy with these products.  This story convinces me even further that all homeowners need to address the VOC’s, Bioaerosols, and other pollutants in their homes. DB

Elite Steam Humidifiers - From a Home Owner

Just a note of thanks for helping me through my humidity problem at my home.  We have gone from "desert" dry to "rain forest" wet. For 3 years we had four Honeywell humidifiers which ran 24/7 (electric bill was crazy high) and we could't get the humidity over 25%. We now have two of your steam units and we easily get the humidity level well over 50%. I'm working on reducing it to the proper level and best of all they are only running a few hours a day. It was great to have your engineers out in advance to be certain that the installation would go seamlessly--- and it did.. Thanks again for your help and feel free to have anyone contact me should they like an independent recommendation. RE

HealthyAire™ DH70 - From a Home Owner

I was surprised to find it raining under my house due to humidity and condensation from my HVAC duct work. Insulation had to be removed and HVAC ducts replaced. Sealed up crawl space and did encapsulation myself and installed HealthyAire™ DH70. It works great. This machine dried my crawl space out quickly. I highly recommend the HealthyAire™ DH70 to anyone. MD

HealthyAire™ DH70 - From a Contractor

So far our company has purchased and installed two of these dehumidifiers in crawl spaces. They are compact and easy to install. We choose to hang them from the floor joists so the condensate will gravity drain without any problems. The 8" duct connections are sized properly for 8" flex duct. The auto-restart works great and the humidistat seems to be accurate. I like having the option to run the condensate drain from either side of the unit. Another big plus is the homeowner's claim they don't hear it running. So far, this is an excellent unit for the money. PB

GeneralAire® - PC2450 Comments from a Contractor

I installed the PCO2450 VECTORFlo in a Basement Furnace last night. I had the product installed, start to finish (including getting all my tools from the garage, reviewing the installation guide, taking photos of the installation, turning it on, and putting the tools back) in approx. 45 mins. Fast! JP

GeneralAire® Website - From a Home Owner

Hey, you guys are a class act. You support discontinued models and have diagrams and pricing for small parts on the website. (I own a GeneralAire 65 Humidifier). I have ordered a few times and talked with Technical Support once with complete satisfaction. Thanks for your great customer service and attention to details on the website. More companies should operate this way. RB

GeneralAire® Air Cleaner - Model Unknown - From a Home Owner

I was very sick at one time, and simply couldn't breathe in my own home. My husband and I gave up ever having fires in the fireplace because the smoke from the fireplace made it too difficult to breathe. And, out of love for me, my husband gave up smoking (not an easy task after 40 years). He researched air quality products, and ultimately selected GeneralAire® to install in our HVAC system. I didn't ask any questions about what he installed at the time, but I’ve been breathing freely ever since. Since its installation, I have used your company exclusively when purchasing replacement filters.

Please don't change a thing about your products, because what you have is working great. If you have to change things, I'm begging you, PLEASE! Do it as if your life depended on it, because some day, it may.


GeneralAire® MAC1200M Air Cleaner - From a Home Owner

I installed my MAC1200M air cleaner on Saturday. I tin-snipped my way into the existing HVAC system to install the unit.  It did an impressive job on some nasty paint fumes from waterproofing my basement.  ... they went away much faster than last time--and this time we had the windows closed! Once that's gone, we'll see how it does on "old house smell" For now, I'm very pleased. KDR

GeneralAire® TERSus Air Cleaner - From a Home Owner

I wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to install the TERSus Air Cleaner, but the first real thing I noticed was when we cooked fish for dinner one evening.  I couldn't believe it, the smell was gone an hour after dinner!  That's never happened before! CM

GeneralAire® PCO2450 VectorFlo® - From a Home Owner

I have suffered with allergies most of my adult life.  In recent years they seem to have gotten worse, especially after moving to South Carolina where pollen and moisture are a much bigger factor.  I got to a point where my allergy symptoms were so bad I felt like I had an ongoing bout of the flu, even if I never ventured outside. My supportive husband and I spoke with a local contractor who suggested two things:  have your ducts cleaned and install a UV light inside the duct work (we already had a filter system in place).  We installed the GeneralAire® PCO2450 after having our ducts cleaned and I feel like a brand new woman.  I can't express what a difference this has made in my life. Thank you for offering such a great product. SF

DS25 Elite Steam Humidifier - From a Contractor

I installed the DS25 Elite Steam Humidifier for the first time, and the installation was a breeze.  The client is pleased with the unit and so am I.  I will suggest these humidifiers whenever the client is looking for steam humidification, for sure. RD

GeneralAire® 1042 Legacy Humidifier - From a Contractor

There is an old saying that goes, 'One old friend is better then two new ones.'

As an owner of a furnace company and as a general consumer, I came to realize that this saying also applies to some quality old products that have proven themselves time and time again. Usually, these products may not have the same bells and whistles as the newer models, but they are simple, reliable, affordable, they require minimum maintenance, and most importantly – they do the job well.That, in my opinion, goes for the GeneralAire® 1042 humidifier, which has been on the market for many years but is still a personal favorite.

A few years ago a new (competitive) flow-through humidifier popped up on the market and by all standards, blew the “old” humidifiers out of the water. Its sophisticated design, new technology, slick appearance and the fact that it was considerably more efficient in its water usage impressed both suppliers and consumers, regardless of a much higher price tag.

I was one of the first to check out the new product and its performance in use…perks of my business, I guess! However, almost immediately after installation the humidifier presented a number of issues: strange noises, shutting itself on and off and was getting blocked with calcium build up.

I soon found out that I was not the only one who was growing increasingly frustrated with the flow-through. Over 90% of our customers who had purchased the same one were experiencing similar issues. We replaced each and every single flow-through we’d sold with a GeneralAire® 1042 humidifier, and took the flow-through off the shelves.

Needless to say, I switched back to the ol’ trusty GeneralAire® 1042 humidifier and have been very happy with it for the last 7 years.

AC-1 Replacement Filter - From a Homeowner

The quality was better than others I had ordered.  They fit perfectly and work flawlessly.  I'll definitely order again. LB

990-53 Solenoid Valve - From a Homeowner

I ordered this part per the suggestion of tech support.  It was easy to install, works as one would expect and I've had no surprises.  Additionally, I installed it myself vs having a contractor do it without any problems! JB

GeneralAire® G99 Air Filter Gauge - From a Homeowner

The "General Aire G99 Media Air Filter Gauge" is an inexpensive, easy to install, useful instrument to help you know when the furnace filter needs to be replaced. This is really an amazing item. I checked the patent application for the theory of the device. Amazing. And, it works perfectly. It is extremely sensitive. Best of all, you really don't have to think about numbers.  Overall it's a good value for the money! BA

GeneralAire® PCO2450 VectorFlo® - From a Homeowner

My nephew is an HVAC contractor who installs GeneralAire® products. I wanted to be sure the air in my home was as clean as it could be, because my wife was scheduled for a transplant and clean air would be a must for her recovery; to protect her from infection and for overall ongoing good health. He told me about a product he thought might help, and generously gave to me a UV Air Purifier called the PCO2450. He even installed it for me. I cannot tell you the difference it has made. I feel confident that what he installed works because my wife's recovery was flawless. Even I feel like a new man because I don't have the sinus issues I had before installing the PCO2450. I am not only grateful to my nephew, but to the technology that is available through the PCO2450. TH

GeneralAire® Solenoid Valve 990-53 - From a Homeowner

I purchased this solenoid a while back and I'm still pleased. Valve works as one would expect! There have been no problems. Easily installed. Saved me not having to call a repairman. DS

GeneralAire® Elite Humidifier 1000A - From a Home Owner

I bought the GeneralAire unit over Honeywell or Aprilaire since it comes with the best humidistat by far. The GFX3 Humidistat has an outdoor temp monitor so it can calculate the dew point as the weather changes. This is very important if you live in the northern part of the country where temps change daily. The instructions are reasonably good. If there is anything you don't understand or need their customer service line is top-notch. I called twice and had my questions answered right away.

The installation is fairly easy. They say you can use hot or cold water but I recommend to only use hot water as this will give much better evaporation and won't cool down the hot air which forces your furnace to fire longer.

This unit has a lot of advantages like a 10 year warranty so I heartily can recommend it.
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