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Product Offerings

General Filters is proud to offer a variety of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV air purifiers, air cleaners, and oil filter products. Our whole-house dehumidifiers are perfect for anyone's home, as are our whole-home air purifiers.

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter will protect your property from dangerous airborne particles. An electronic air cleaner or even a UV light for HVAC are just two more ways that we can keep your air breathable and safe. Check out all of our product offerings below:

Whole House Humidifiers

A whole-home humidifier can prevent dry skin, cracked woodwork, asthma and allergy triggers, and dry sinuses. General Filters offers evaporative bypass, fan-powered evaporative, and steam humidifiers. Each one has different pros and cons, but all can control the humidity levels. Head over to our humidifier page and read up on the different products we have to offer.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Our whole home dehumidifiers are Wi-Fi enabled with touchscreen controls. Dehumidifiers are great for killing mold and bacteria that require wet surfaces to grow. So you don't have to be concerned with your crawl spaces being infected with dangerous mold and mildew. Check out our dehumidifier options on our website.

UV Whole Home Air Purifiers

If it's good enough for a hospital, it's good enough for your home. We offer Second Wind™ Air Purifiers and GeneralAire® TERSus Air Cleaners that our HVAC technicians can install to purify your home. Check out our air purifiers to help keep your home clean.

Air Cleaners

We have various air cleaners, including GeneralAire® TERSus, MAC Series, AC Series, and HEPA Air Cleaners. Each one uses different methods to clean your air with different pros and cons to go with each air cleaner. Check out our air cleaner page to see which one is best for you.

Oil Filters

Oil filters minimize the dirt and water that enter your boiler fuel system. They require constant maintenance and should be replaced immediately if your oil filter is nearing its shelf life. We offer various amounts of oil filters.

Featured Products

Model 5500 Steam Humidifier
For Homes Up To 5500 Square Feet
GFI#: 5580
Model 3200M Evaporative Humidifier
For Homes Up To 3200 Square Feet
GFI#: 5800
Model 4200M Evaporative Humidifier
For Homes Up To 4200 Square Feet
GFI#: 5950

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