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Protect Your Indoor Air During the Wildfire

From the EPA:

Wildfire smoke is impacting large portions of the Eastern United States. Use AirNow to see the impact on your air quality.

Protect Your Indoor Air During the Wildfire - Stay in touch with generalaire by reading the latest news & announcements  - ny_times_image

Staying Inside

If you are in an area with poor air quality, it may be best to stay inside. If you have to go outside:

  • Avoid strenuous activity and try to reduce how much smoke you inhale.
  • Wear an N95 respirator mask. N95 respirator masks provide the best protection from wildfire smoke. Cloth masks will not help.
  • Only perform essential outdoor activities. Take frequent breaks indoors.

DIY Air CleanerKeeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Make sure your indoor air is as clean as possible. See our website for other ways to keep smoke out.

Other key steps:

  • Get a portable air cleaner — read these tips and avoid products that intentionally produce ozone.
  • Use a do-it-yourself version if portable air cleaners are not an option.
  • Install a high-efficiency HVAC filter with a You may need to consult with an HVAC technician for guidance.
  • Adjust your HVAC system or air conditioner to keep smoke out.
  • Don’t create more indoor air pollution by doing things like smoking, vacuuming, frying or broiling meat, or burning candles or wood.

Learn more about ways you can protect your family from wildfire smoke.

After the Smoke Clears

Keep an eye on AirNow. Once the air quality improves, even temporarily, air out your home by opening windows and the fresh air intake on your HVAC system.

If you are especially close to the fire, you may need to clean up ash or other debris. Our website provides instructions.


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