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General Oil

11BV-R2000K Spin-On Fuel Oil Filter With Water Block

GFI#: 1611
Price: $92.99


R2000 Filter with Water Block, Galvanized Attaching Bracket and Restriction Indicator
Epoxy Coating
On all Gar-Ber filters the filter shell is coated with a fuel resistant epoxy to prevent pin hole leaks that develop due to corrosive conditions that can occur when fuel oils becomes unstable.
Bacteria Resistant
The superior absorbent polymer used is completely inorganic, so it will not support the growth of bacteria.
Protects Against Particles & Water
The R-2000 consists of our 10 micron filtering media containing a unique blend of water absorbing polymers that are ‘no-water soluble’. This means that once the water is removed and stored within the pleats, it won’t be released down stream to the heating unit.
The Only BioFuel Filter!
Biofuel is a renewable fuel oil blend made from soybean oil and processed from other fats and vegetable oils. Gar-Ber Filters are compatible up to 20% blend of pure biofuel with conventional high/low sulfur home heating oil. Machined Aluminum Head, Galvanized Attaching Bracket, Filter Restriction Indicator, and #R-2000 Epoxy-Coated Disposable Spin-On Filter.
  • Inlet/Outlet: 3/8" npt
  • Dimensions:
  • Bracket Up Position: H-9¼"
  • Bracket Down Position: H-7½" W-3¾"
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