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Model DS25 Elite Steam Humidifier - NOW With DMNKit

GFI#: 5574

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Test The Water Prior To Selecting Your Steam Humidifier


  • Gallons per day:  25-35
  • Capacity (pounds per hour): 12
  • Dimensions (inches): 23.75 H x 13 1/8 W x 8.25 D 
  • Replacement steam cylinder: 35-14 (GFI #7524)
  • Power (volts):  230
  • Electrode power cables: 12 AWG
  • Power relays: 2-30 amp on board 
  • Ground connection: screw
  • Weight (pounds):  20
  • Pallet size (units): 12
  • Control: GFX3 digital automatic humidistat
  • Conductivity range (microSiemens): 400 to 1250 us/cm/ low conductivity (LC) model 
  • For home sizes up to 6,000 square feet (may vary with home construction, ceiling height and other factors)
  • Water fill connection: 1/4" O.D. compression: adapter to 3/4" FPS
  • Water fill- instant flow:  0.09 - 0.16  GPM (0.35 - 0.60 l/min)
  • Input water type:  potable water (no demineralized or softened water)
  • Drain connection:  75" to air break into 1.25" O.D. (32 mm) 
  • Drain water temperature: <140º F / <60º C
  • Warranty (years):  5 


  • Integrated smart monitoring drain pump assembly
  • Multiple installation options:
    duct mount – room mount – remote mount
  • Self contained immersed electrode design
  • Disposable steam generating cylinder
  • High water level and foam detection monitoring
  • Drain tempering
  • Integrated AHU fan relay for on demand humidification
  • LCD display with numerical and icon driven menu
  • Constant control monitoring and diagnostics
  • Pure sterile steam delivering premium indoor air quality
  • 20% adjustable capacity from rated max output

NOW Includes DMNKit

  • Steam hose (6')
  • Steam nozzle
  • Condensate hose (9')
  • Water line fill connector
  • GFX3 automatic digital humidistat
  • Code valve
  • Drain tube
  • Water supply tubing kit (10')
  • Air pressure proving switch

Video Support

  1. Using the AP-2 to test water conductivity (essential step that should be taken prior to selecting a steam model)

GeneralAire® offers a wide variety of residential whole-house indoor air quality solutions using the latest in indoor air technology.

Installed in your home's HVAC system by a qualified HVAC contractor, GeneralAire® IAQ products protect you and your family by ensuring clean, healthy and comfortable indoor air quality throughout your home.

Model DS25 Elite Steam Humidifier - NOW With DMNKit - Indoor Air Quality: Oil Filters &amp; Ventilators | General Filters - filter-example
  • Professional Installation Only
  • Not Sold In Retail Outlets
  • Sold Only by Approved Wholesalers
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