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Advantages of a Whole-House Humidifier

Whole-House Humidifier

Does the air in your home feel unnaturally dry? Do you run a central heating system for 3 or more months per year? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you can benefit from a whole-house humidifier. These systems can also be combined with a home air filtration system for maximum effect and improved health benefits. When you opt for both systems, your air will be clean, comfortable, and free of contaminants. 

A whole-house humidifier functions in the same way as a room humidifier, except that it treats the entire home's air supply. When active, these systems make harsh, dry air easy to breath. Dry air is not just hard on the lungs, but it can also affect your skin, as dry air pulls moisture away from your body. Dry air also allows bacteria, viruses, and dust mites to thrive in your home environment. As such, it's easy to see the benefits of purchasing a whole-house humidifier.

Energy Efficiency

While you can always crank up the thermostat, your furnace alone will not make you feel comfortable during the cold months of winter. When your house has the proper humidity levels, it will feel warmer at lower temperatures, so you'll often find yourself feeling comfortable at lower thermostat settings after installing a whole-house humidifier. When you feel comfortable at lower temperatures, you'll notice a drop in your utility bills each month, which could save you thousands of dollars throughout the years. 


When the air in your home has the right level of humidity, it's less likely to foster the growth of dangerous bacteria and viruses. When you spend time in areas that are too dry, you increase your chances of catching the common cold, the flu, and other respiratory conditions. 


In addition to drying out your skin, dry air can can negatively affect your nasal membranes, cause sore throats, and can even lead to an allergic reaction. When the air in your home is properly humidified, you will not only protect your overall health, but you'll be free from the discomfort these conditions can cause. 


If your home's air is too dry, it can cause damage to building materials, such as wood, paint, and plaster, as well as your personal possessions. Most everyday objects and building materials require a delicate balance of moisture in order to age well, so keeping your home's air properly humidified can also foster a longer life for your possessions and the structure of your home. 

Fortunately, whole-house humidifiers can be integrated into your existing heating and cooling system, even if your home uses radiant heat. To learn more about whole-house humidifiers, or to schedule an appointment, contact General Filters, Inc. today!


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