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UV Lights

  1. My UV Light does not work, yet it is turned on.
  2. My PCO2450 is making a "hissing" noise.
  3. My PCO2450 is arching.
  4. I smell an ozone odor.
For your safety, we recommend all repairs be performed by a licensed contractor.

My UV Light does not work, yet it is turned on.

  • Check the circuit breaker or fuse. If you find the circuit breaker switch has been tripped, reset.
  • Have your licensed contractor check the wiring to ensure it is properly connected.
  • You may have a defective power switch.

My PCO2450 is making a "hissing" noise.

  • This can be caused by internal cell contacts that are not touching the plates. Test contacts and repair.
  • There may not be enough voltage on the collecting cell.  Adjust high voltage potentiometer counter-clockwise on power board.

My PCO2450 is arching.

  • The cells may be wet from washing.  Allow cells to dry completely before turning unit on.
  • Particles may be lodged in the cells, or you may have a broken ionizing wire. Remove any particles and replace wire where necessary.
  • Your voltage to the unit may be too high. Adjust high voltage potentiometer on power board clockwise.
  • Internal contact of cells may be out of alignment. Realign to ensure cell contact.

I smell an ozone odor.

  • The cell plates may be bent or dirty. Clean if necessary, or straighten bent cells with needle nose pliers.
  • You may have a loose or broken ionizing wire.  Replace if needed.
  • The incoming voltage is higher than 120 V. Adjust high voltage potentiometer clockwise on power board.
  • The cells might be dirty.  Wash if necessary.