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Whole-House Residential UV Air Purifiers

"I have suffered with allergies most of my adult life. In recent years they seem to have gotten worse, especially after moving to South Carolina where pollen and moisture are a much bigger factor. I got to a point where my allergy symptoms were so bad I felt like I had an ongoing bout of the flu, even if I never ventured outside. My supportive husband and I spoke with a local contractor who suggested two things: have your ducts cleaned and install a UV light inside the duct work (we already had a filter system in place). We installed the GeneralAire® PCO2450 after having our ducts cleaned and I feel like a brand new woman. I can't express what a difference this has made in my life. Thank you for offering such a great product."
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UV Air Purifiers

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The sun that brings us daylight everyday also delivers UVC energy that protects us from germs, bacteria, viruses and other destructive bioaerosols outdoors. Bring the positive effects of the sun into your home!  Let UV Air Purifiers from GeneralAire® provide you with healthier indoor air and “Let the Sunshine In!”
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TERSus Technology

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The Center for Disease Control & Prevention classifies pollutants into three primary categories:
1. germs
2. gases
3. particulates.
GeneralAire® TERSus Technology combines filtration, UV disinfection and photocatalytic purification to eliminate all three!
The one air cleaner to address all indoor air pollution concerns, TERSus means clean air!
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The PCO2450 VectorFlo® UV Air PurifierWhole House Residential UV Air Purifier Systems - General Filters, Inc - hybrid

The VectorFlo® PCO2450 (Photocatalytic Oxidation) Air Purifier features the patented VectorFlo® TiO2 semiconductor, designed to deliver the highest-performance kill rate in the market. Using the latest technology available, the VectorFlo® creates a low pressure area around the high output 50 watt UVC lamp establishing a venturi effect. The venturi effect significantly increases the exposure time of airborne microorganisms in a bath of sterilizing germicidal ultraviolet light. The treated unrestricted air (.02 inches W.C.) is then accelerated beyond the VectorFlo® semiconductor and introduced into the main airflow for maximum purification.
From a Penn State University Study:
Several attributes of PCO make it a strong candidate for indoor air quality (IAQ) applications. Pollutants, particularly VOCs, are preferentially adsorbed on the surface and oxidized to (primarily) carbon dioxide (CO2). Thus, rather than simply changing the phase and concentrating the contaminant, the absolute toxicity of the treated air stream is reduced, allowing the photocatalytic reactor to operate as a self-cleaning filter relative to organic material on the catalyst surface.
Photocatalytic reactors may be integrated into new and existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems due to their modular design, room temperature operation, and negligible pressure drop. PCO reactors also feature low power consumption, potentially long service life, and low maintenance requirements. These attributes contribute to the potential of PCO technology to be an effective process for removing and destroying low level pollutants in indoor air, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
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