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Humidification Calculator

Enter a value in each of the requested fields. Once you have calculated the "Load / Gallons Per Day" for your home, select from steam, flow through or drum humidifier models that are designed to generate the Gallons Per Day your home needs.
The first two entries (Outside Design Temperature and Outside Design RH) will be based on your Location Selection (State and closest city) to the right in the shaded box.

Design Conditions

These variables are found based on your location. Select your location in the dropdown on the right.
See selection chart to the right for your region
What is your desired indoor temperature?
What percent humidity do you wish to maintain?
Outside Design Temperature
Outside Design RH
Choose one of the three RH variables given and enter it into the calculator on the left.
7:30 am 1:30 pm 7:30 pm
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Whole-House Humidity Load Calculation

Total Conditioned Square Feet (ft▓): What is your homes total square feet?
Average Ceiling Height (ft): What is your homes average ceiling height?
Air changes per hour: See selection chart to the right for input factor
Number of Chimney Fireplaces: Traditional flue type dampered to outdoor fireplace
Build Type Air Changes Example
Average/Default 0.5 Standard Factor to be used in residential humidity load calculation
Older Uninsulated Home 0.75 to 1.00 Homes with single pane windows, little insulation, historic and farm homes
Newer Home Construction 0.35 Select only when air infiltration has been verified as 0.35 or less


Load (lbs/hr): --
Gallons Per Day: --