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Water Savor™ Controller

GFI#: 7081

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Details - Specifications
Are you concerned with water conservation?  When installed with your bypass , flow through humidifier, the WaterSavor™ may save you up to 96% of water draining from your humidifier (with customized settings).
  • Easy to install with current or new humidifier installations.
  • Fits any bypass, flow through model.
  • 6 Settings allow maximum water savings without reducing humidifier output (see instructions).
  • Save a minimum 50% of water draining from your humidifier!
  • Install with any model/brand bypass, flow through humidifier.
**Results are based on 20 minutes per hour, during a 5-month heating season.  Savings may vary greatly based on humidifier model, settings, humidifier season duration and more.
Water Facts:
  • While the earth’s population continues to grow at record rates, the overall amount of water on the earth has not changed for over 2 billion years.1   Clearly, water is not a limitless resource; yet the demand for water steadily grows.
  • Less than 1% of the earth’s water can be used as a drinking source.2
  • Conserving water is not only essential to our well being, but also has financial benefits.
  • Water rates have risen 25% in 30 major cities of the USA since 2010 3.  Rates in Canada rose 58% over a 5-year period ending in 2007 4; a trend that continues.
  • Installing the WaterSavor™ is a great way to reduce water waste and save money, without changing your lifestyle or comfort!
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