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General Fuel Oil Filters
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Fuel Oil Filters

Even though the boiler oil for your furnace has been well filtered and cleaned during its processing from crude oil, filters are still required (especially if the oil is being supplied from a steel storage tank). Oil filters play a vital role in the operation of oil-fired central heating systems, as they minimize the dirt and water that can enter into the boiler fuel system. Without an oil filter, dirt and oil will eventually damage the pump and block the burner fuel nozzle, causing the boiler to ‘lock-out’. Therefore, oil filters should be changed or cleaned at the start of the heating season and about midway through the season. This not only maximizes the efficiency of your furnace but its longevity as well.
There are two types of oil filters that can be used in an oil-fired central heating system. One filter separates out any water in the oil as well as acting as an oil filter. The other type, an in-line filter, has a disposable filter element.


Unifilter® is a highly dependable fuel oil filter that rivals any generic brand in the market today. You can count on your home’s oil furnace to run smoothly with Unifilter® filtration.

Exceeding Expectations

In business since 1937, General Fuel Oil Filters (General, Gar-Ber, Unifilter® brands) exceeds the standard for fuel oil filtration in home heating appliances, setting the industry standard across North America. With a wide selection of fuel oil filters, you need only one supplier for your fuel oil filter requirements: General Filters, Inc. Reliable and dependable, General is the brand you have come to trust keeping your home heating equipment running smoothly every year.
  • To prevent oil leaks, oil filter bowls and oil tanks older than 10 years should be replaced, without exception.
  • Carefully inspect the oil filter bowl with each filter change to prevent oil leaks.
  • If corrosion, rust or pitting is observed, replace the bowl immediately.