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TERSus - Whole House Air Purification

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to install the TERSus Air Cleaner, but the first real thing I noticed was when we cooked fish for dinner one evening. I couldn't believe it, the smell was gone an hour after dinner! That's never happened before!"
- CM

TERSus:  The system that does it all!
TERSus Air Filtration ensures the air you breathe is as pure as you would want for your family. TERSus is the only system that combines three powerful technologies to clean the air in your home.

Merv13 Electrostatic Particle Filtration
  • High efficiency particle filtration arrests allergy causing mold spores, pollen and lung-damaging dust.
  • Removes up to 94.2% of microscopic airborne particles.
  • Keeps fan motors, A-coils and ducts clean and operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Click Here to watch a video demonstrating how to change your TERSus Air Filter.
  • Click Here to watch a video illustrating why you would install a quality air cleaner rather than using a 1" or 2" filter.
Ultraviolet Disinfection
  • Dual U.V. lamps kill disease-causing airborne virus, germs, fungi, bacteria and mold on contact.
  • Used by hospitals to stop the spread of influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia and other diseases passed from person to person
  • Destroys toxic chemicals and odors.
  • Click Here to watch a video demonstrating how to change your TERSus UV Lamps.
PhotoCatalytic Purification
  • Oxidizing Catalytic technology converts and neutralizes stubborn odors, gases, fumes and toxic chemicals to harmless water and carbon dioxide by-products.
  • No Ozone generation.
The Center for Disease Control & Prevention identifies 3 primary sources of indoor air pollution in your home:
• 35% of allergy reactions are caused by Particulates
• 34% of allergy reactions are caused by Germs
• 31% of allergy reactions are caused by Gases
TERSus Technology eliminates all three sources of indoor air pollution!