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Current Opportunities With General Filters, Inc.

April 2016

  1. Product Engineer
  2. Buyer
  3. Accountant
  4. Digital Marketing Specialist
  5. Manufacturing Assembly and Production Line
About General Filters
Founded in 1936, General Filters’ professional experience spans three generations.  General Filters, Inc. manufactures and markets residential whole house HVAC solutions, including UV air purifiers, air cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems and fuel oil filters under the brand names GeneralAire®, HealthyAire®, General, Unifilter®, CGF Products and Gar-Ber.
With 80 years of stability and growth, we recognize that the right professionals are critical to our success.  Our culture values initiative, creativity, teamwork and continuous improvement.  We are striving to become the industry leader of indoor air quality and filtration products by improving the quality of our customers' lives with outstanding products and services.
People Are Our Power
We’re always interested in finding new ways to grow our business. And we know that one of the key components of our success is our people.
We’re looking for talented people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who bring fresh creativity and innovation to the table. We’re looking for people who understand that our customers not only include those people with whom we wish to sell, but also include those we work with every day in manufacturing, engineering, marketing, shipping and sales. Our customers include our vendors and our advertising partners. Simply put, our customers are everyone. Working together is the only sure formula for long-term success, so join this team in making a real difference in people’s lives.
We’re proud of our open and inclusive environment. Everyone here welcomes and values diversity of all kinds because ultimately, it gives us an advantage over our competition.
General Filters, Inc. is large enough to make a real difference in people’s lives, but small enough so that what you do makes a real difference every day at work.
If interested, send your resume and comments to: