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Family Activities

  1. Go outside and play!
  2. Take your dog for a walk
  3. Go for a jog
  4. Read
  5. Take turns reading a book out loud
  6. Start a book club
  7. Try a new recipe!
  8. Play a game
  9. Pop some popcorn and snuggle during a movie
  10. Crafts!
  11. Family spring cleaning
  12. Set up a virtual play date
  13. New vocabulary word per day!
  14. Research your family tree
  15. Write letters, especially to the lonely, to the military, to first responders and healthcare workers
  16. Make a list by date, with each day's gratitudes
  17. Do something nice for someone else
    1. Clean their room
    2. Make them breakfast
    3. Leave a love note
    4. Wash their car
    5. Give them a back rub!
    6. Do the dishes
    7. Cook dinner
    8. Sweep their sidewalk
    9. Take out their garbage
    10. Bring them dinner
  18. Turn off the tv sound and make up the dialog for your favorite tv show at home
  19. Do a puzzle
  20. Teach each other a new skill
  21. Teach your dog or cat tricks
  22. Organize your closet
  23. Give yourself a mani-pedi
  24. Tighten loose knobs on drawers
  25. Touch up paint on walls
  26. Dust baseboards, top of fridge, or other place normally ignored
  27. Find stuff you no longer need and give it to charity
  28. Put on a play
  29. Spray squeaky doors with WD-40
  30. Have an outdoor bonfire and roast marshmallows
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