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IAQ Video Network on YouTube

Are you looking to further your IAQ education? Would you like to know more about the importance of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)?
A great resource on YouTube is the IAQ Video Network, where you can find hundreds of videos addressing a variety of IAQ concerns.  Subjects include:
  1. Why You Should Clean Your Ducts
  2. Fall Allergies:  Indoor & Outdoor Culprits
  3. Allergies: Your Home & Indoor Allergens
  4. Specialty Testing by IndoorDoctor
  5. Lung Cancer & Airborne Contaminants
  6. Flood Cleanup & Indoor Air Quality by Disaster Bragade USA
  7. Particulate Matter & Indoor Air Quality
  8. Apartments & Mold
  9. Crawl Spaces & Mold
  10. Rennovation & Remodeling Indoor Environmental Hazards
An affiliate of Cochrane & Associates, LLC, the IAQ Video Network produces videos about indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, infection control, HVAC, food safety and other important health and safety topics. 
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