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GeneralAire DH75 or DH100 Dehumidifier Wi-Fi Connectivity Concerns

Wi-Fi connectivity can be a concern for any device dependent on a good Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes just one room or the basement in a house is the only space that doesn't get a good Wi-Fi connection, and you need it there too!

GeneralAire DH75 or DH100 Dehumidifier Wi-Fi Connectivity Concerns - GeneralAire Indoor Air Quality Blog - scatching-head

The same goes for your GeneralAire DH75 and DH100.  If you find your are having connection issues, review the following step-by-step checklist for possible solutions.

  1. Is there Wi-Fi internet service at the location of the dehumidifier?
  2. Check the Wi-Fi router firmware.  Is it updated to the latest version? (Must be 2.4 GHz; NOT 5.0 GHz)
  3. Is there signal strength at the unit (minimum 30%)?
  4. Is the Display Board operating? (What version is the display board?)
  5. IOS/Android GeneralAire® Wi-Fi APP (Version – is it up-to-date?
  6. Smart Phone (Age and IOS Version – is it up-to-date?)
  7. Misc. User Error / Issues (Is there something unusual about the installation location?)
  8. Environmental Issues (Weather, power outage, etc.)
  9. For additional assistance, call General Filters, Inc.  (866) 476-5101


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