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GA10 Vapor Pad

GFI#: 7900

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Details - Specifications
  • Fits:  Generalaire® Model 570,
  • Fits:  Honeywell® Models HE220 and HE225.
  • Fits:  Aprilaire® water pad in models 110, 220, 558, 550 and 500.
  • Fits:  Source1™ Model S1-HU112MB.
  • Fits:  Bosch HUMBSP-17H8-A
  • 1.75 X 10 X 10.25
Common Question:  Why can't I just clean my Vapor Pad®?
Your Vapor Pad® is constructed using an expanded aluminum base, coated with a hydrophillic material that absorbs water.  As warm air from your furnace passes through the Vapor Pad®, the water contained in the coating evaporates to provide your home with humidity. Over time, water deposits build up on the Vapor Pad®, preventing warm air from passing through. If you wash the Vapor Pad® in an attempt to remove the deposits, you'll also wash off the hydrophillic coating.  Your humidifier is then unable to provide humidity to your home.
Common Question:  How often should I change my Vapor Pad®?
You'll want to replace your Vapor Pad® 1-2 times per humidification season.