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Model GUV100A83 UV Air Purifier

GFI#: 4142
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Details - Specifications
Does Lamp Output Intensity Matter?
Ultraviolet lamp output intensity is measured in microwatts per square centimeter at 1 meter (µW/cm^2^ @1 meter) from the lamp. The GeneralAire® H-lamp is rated at 180 µW/cm^2^ @1 meter delivering up to 100 times more germicidal output than other brands.
The secret to our powerful intensity rating is achieved by combining a high output 36 watt lamp with a multi-voltage regulating electronic ballast. Lamp output matters if you want the best performance for your home. If you want the best, then you can depend on GeneralAire® Purifiers.
  • 4" x 8.75" x 2.75" (W x H x D)
  • 36 watt, 16" UVC Germicidal H-lamp UVV16HC
  • 180 µW/cm²@1 meter UVC Output Potency
  • 120 VAC / 240 VAC Regulating Electronic Ballast
  • Replacement Ballast BL411 (GFI #4885)
  • QuartzCoat® Durability
  • Effective Lamp Life 18,000 hours (2 year lamp replacement)
  • Replacement Lamp: LSk36 (GFI #4447)
  • Power Cord Disconnect (Appliance Coupler Design)
  • Max 2000 CFM or 4500 SQFT
  • 5 Year Ballast Warranty
CAUTION:  Be sure unit is turned off during installation or lamp replacement.  Do not look directly at bulbs that are on. Do not touch lamp with bare hands.
Click Here to purchase your replacement UV bulb.
*To purchase this unit, contact your local authorized GeneralAire® wholesaler or contractor. Looking for replacement parts or UV lamps? Click on "Shop IAQ Parts" and purchase them online, or from one of our authorized GeneralAire® wholesalers or contractors throughout the USA.