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Latest News About Indoor Air Quality

Because our #1 priority is safe, healthy and comfortable Indoor Air Quality, we at GeneralAire® strive to bring you relevant news that highlights just how important this topic is to you and your family.  The issue is on the forefront not only in residential settings, but in schools and the workplaces as well. Following are news article excerpts recently published that speak to the need for Indoor Air Quality products; products that can make a substantial difference in controlling indoor air. Read the full article by clicking on the link for each.

Ventilation & Dehumidification

By DANIEL RINGdring@wasecacountynews.comSouthernminn

Wrestling parents know the feeling.

Bluejays athletes know the feeling.

Anyone who has ventured down the south steps at Waseca High School likely knows the feeling.

Hot, humid and stale are adjectives describing the dark, dungeon-like space that are the Waseca weight and wrestling rooms. But beyond how they feel, there are aesthetic and potential safety issues: corroded support beams, exposed steel rods and stained walls which belie years of leaky pipes, possibly from bathrooms just overhead. Upstairs, it’s a space issue: locker rooms for female athletes are much smaller and feature fewer amenities than the boys’.

The problems would be fixed if voters approve two bond referenda the Waseca School Board preliminarily approved last month. Together, the construction bond referenda total $30 million. The weight room, wrestling room, as well as the girls locker room are three of the numerous upgrades the district looks to make. Other changes and repairs include additions and repairs to academic areas of the junior/senior high school and security upgrades at all district buildings.

For the district’s athletics department, the most glaring problems with the weight and wrestling rooms are with ventilation. Upgrades are necessary to control the air flow within the rooms that don’t have windows or open outlets. Activities Director Joe Hedervare said it’s still unclear how much work is needed, but said it doesn’t take long before athletes notice the heat and stagnant air when working out in the basement.

“The safety of the kids is our No. 1 concern,” Hedervare said. “So we want to make sure the air quality is good down there and allow better air flow for the athletes.”

Superintendent Tom Lee said the entire south end of the school suffers from dehumidification issues. Much of it, especially in the basement, stems from the moisture created by the school’s pool.

“The indoor air quality is pretty bad,” Lee said, “and that humidity is starting to rust out everything down there. Repairing the dehumidification on the south end is as essential as roof that needs to be replaced.”

Hedervare said because of where the high school was built, groundwater is pushing up against the basement and seeping into the infrastructure.

“They put the school basically into a swamp,” said the AD, “and after all these years it’s starting to show.”

Part of the referendum would be to reinforce the walls of the basement as well as the beams to help keep groundwater out and reinforce the structure where corrosion has occurred.

“It’s as if we’re living in a 40-year-old home that still has the green shag carpet,” Hedervare said.


From:  Equity Bulls Stock Report

After humble request from Mr Kuljeet Abrol, Mr Jagdeep Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly, Hari Nagar, Delhi has been kind enough to do the honour and help the patients of Deen Dayal hospital. Mr. Jagdeep also acknowledged and applauded this initiative and has urged NGOs and organizations to come forward and support the initiative. Mr. Jagdeep also showed keenness on understanding the efficiency of the Air Purifier in helping Asthma patients and how it can reduce the triggers in schools and homes.

Most of us feel that urban outdoor air is considerably dangerous!! City smog, automobile exhaust and even potent industrial wastes being recognized health hazards, are scientifically measured and documented. But several studies in India and abroad reveal that the Indoor air is much more dangerous than outdoor air.

"It is quite encouraging that Government and Environment Groups have started taking initiatives towards awareness of indoor air pollution and how this can impact various airborne diseases like Asthma, Tuberculosis and Airway Inflammations among children" said Kuljeet Abrol - Indoor Air Specialist & Prop. AB Traders.
Indoor air pollution is arguably one of the most overlooked threats to human health, particularly affecting young children who are building their immune system with a sensitive airway that has to fight these Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)and micro-organisms like pollen, dust mites, fungi, virus etc, present in the atmosphere thus become more prone to allergies. Soft toys, carpets, room fresheners, perfumes produces high levels of Indoor Air Pollution with a range of health-damaging pollutants (VOC's) & PM2.5, including small soot particles that penetrate deep into the lungs. Cross ventilation also replenishes fresh air in our indoor, but in poorly ventilated home, indoor pollutants can be 10 times higher than acceptable levels.
Considering all the limitations and preventive measures, the good news, if indeed any can be found, is that indoor air pollution is infinitely more controllable than outdoor air pollution. With careful cooperation from educators and businesses, these pollutants can be reduced at school and in our homes" said Dr Anil Garg, Incharge - Chest Clinic & ICCU Head at Deen Dayal Hospital in Delhi.


What Air Pollution Does To Your Lungs
Effects of inhaling particulate matters that have been widely studied in humans and animals include asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, premature delivery, birth defects, and premature death. Worldwide, air pollution is responsible for large numbers of deaths and cases of respiratory diseases. TUNDE OGUNTOLA in this piece writes on the untold dangers of air pollution to your lungs.
America's Master Handyman Glenn Haege - Control Humidity Level to Hike Indoor Comfort
Poor Indoor Air Quality Could Increase Number With Asthma
According to The Future of Indoor Air Quality in UK Homes and its Impact on Health, poor indoor air quality could cause the number of asthma sufferers to rocket by 80% if regulations are not tightened.
General Filters, Inc. Appoints new President / CEO Bob Abraham
Get Indoor Contaminants Before They Get You
Where are you storing the 80 pounds of dust your home gains every year? EIGHTY POUNDS!
Poor Indoor Air Quality and Your Health
Are you spending your day in a building with poor indoor air quality?
How Relative Humidity Affects Indoor Air Quality
American Lung Association State of the Air Report 2015 - Key Findings for 2011-2013
The State of the Air 2015 shows that progress in improving the nation’s air quality was mixed. Many cities experienced strong improvement and many others suffered worse episodes of unhealthy air. Nearly 138.5 million people—almost 44 percent of the nation—live where pollution levels are too often dangerous to breathe.
Changing the Air Filter to Ensure Healthy IAQ and to Protect Your HVAC System
Are you someone who forgets to change your air cleaner filter? You may want to make sure this is a priority. Learn why.
GeneralAire Introduces a New UV Air Purifier: the MS24ER
Outside, the sun’s UV rays act to purify and rid outdoor air of germs and other harmful bioaerosols. Easily installed in any HVAC system, the GeneralAire® MS24ER provides whole-house air treatment like the outdoor sun, indoors; one more way to add assurance the the air your family breathes is clean and free from airborne contaminants.
It's National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
It's National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month; and the time of year you might consider installing a quality air cleaner in your home. Learn more by clicking on Products / Air Cleaners.
Test Water Conductivity Prior to Selecting & Installing a Steam Humidifier!!
Be sure you test water conductivity before selecting and installing a Steam Humidifier. Read more to find out why!
Go With a Pro to Spruce Up Your Sprinkler System This Spring
Did you know your yard could be losing as much as 25,000 gallons of water and more than $90 over a six-month irrigation season? Save water. Read Here.
11 Hidden Sources of Indoor Air Pollutions
The air inside your home could be making you's how to evict that major indoor air polluters from you home!
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