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Indoor Air During Summer

Indoor Air During Summer - Stay in touch with generalaire by reading the latest news, announcements and articles with general filters - summer-screensavers_590927(1)Boating, biking, hiking, going on picnics or to the beach, jogging, swimming, sitting around a campfire, mowing lawns, planting flowers, going for evening walks, and reading on the porch are just some of the activities in which we participate during spring and summer months.

Summer months, however, also represent higher pollen production, increased dust, and excess humidity. Folks use pest control sprays, fertilizers and other chemicals more often in summer.  Pets tend to shed more during summer months. We bring outdoor pollutants inside on our shoes.  Windows stay open longer, allowing outdoor pollutants inside. 

Stay comfortable and healthy indoors during summer months.  How?

Control Moisture

Excess moisture encourages mold and mildew growth indoors; exacerbating respiratory issues.  Increased humidity results in an increased dust mite population. Humid indoor air can feel damp and uncomfortable. Bed sheets and clothes never quite feel dry. 

Installing a whole house dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the whole house.

Install a Quality Air Cleaner

It has been proven that a quality air cleaner with a 4" or 5" pleated, MERV-rated filter removes a much greater amount, and smaller harmful particulates. 

Replace Filter With a Fresh Air Filter

This is especially important for those with allergies and asthma; however, breathing particulates can be harmful to everyone.  With increased airborne pollutants during summer, a fresh air filter will help to reduce harmful particulates inside. 

Leave Shoes At the Door

Everything you step on outside comes inside... on your shoes (fertilizer, bug sprays, pollen, etc.).  Leaving shoes at the door helps prevent spreading pollutants throughout the home. 

Consider Closing Windows

Open windows allow airborne pollutants (dust, pollen, automobile exhaust, etc.) inside. You may consider closing windows to keep harmful particulates out. 

Installing a whole house ERV or HRV will help to bring fresh air inside while keeping pollutants out.

Again, while children, the elderly, and people with allergies or asthma tend to be more vulnerable, everyone can suffer the effects of indoor air pollution.  The good news is that you can do something about it.  For more information, visit 

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General Filters Employee Newsletter
General Filters creates an informative newsletter several times throughout the year that highlights successes, shares holiday celebration photos, communicates key company news and expresses appreciation for the contributions of individuals within the organization. We are pleased to share these moments and hope you enjoy reading its content as much as we do.
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