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General Filters, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Air & Energy Products, LLC

General Filters, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Air & Energy Products, LLC

Novi, MI   February 14, 2014



General Filters, Inc. has announced that is has completed the acquisition of Air & Energy Products, LLC expanding their breadth of whole house, residential dehumidifiers.


With the acquisition completed in January of this year, General Filters, Inc. began moving manufacturing of the new dehumidifiers from the Atlanta, GA area to their Novi, MI facilities.  “Moving manufacturing to the larger Novi facility will allow us to increase production, maintain a larger inventory and better maintain quality,” says Vice President, John Redner. “And, we’re proud these products will continue to be made in the USA,” he adds.


Two new models to be manufactured out of Novi include the DH70 (removing as much as 70 pints of moisture per day) and the DH95 (removing as much as 95 pints per day).  In addition, the units include a MERV 11 air filter that continually removes harmful particulates from the air.  With a compact design, they are not only effective removing excess moisture but can also be placed in crawl spaces or other areas of the home where space is tight.


 “We’re very pleased with this acquisition,” says President Carl Redner.  “The products offer home owners two air quality solutions in one unit: removal of excess moisture and removal of particulates.  Strategically it is a good fit, as the acquisition will strengthen our position in the market and provide growth opportunities with present and new customers.  We’re confident our ongoing commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality products will be evident in these new dehumidifier models.”


The move of manufacturing equipment is expected to be completed in February, with full production underway out of Novi shortly after.  “It’s an ambitious goal for us to work this fast, but we are excited about these products and are committed to getting them into customers’ hands as quickly as possible,” said Vice President of Sales, Tony Burks.

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