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General Filters, Inc. Appoints new President / CEO Bob Abraham

General Filters, Inc. Appoints new President / CEO Bob Abraham

General Filters, Inc. Appoints new President / CEO Bob Abraham - Stay in touch with generalaire by reading the latest news, announcements and articles with general filters - Robert_Abraham_1_(2)NOVI, MI-September 30, 2015 - General Filters, Inc., manufacturer of whole house indoor air quality products, today announced the appointment of Bob Abraham to President, CEO, effective immediately.

Mr. Abraham brings to General Filters extensive experience in finance, IT and business operations.  Once owning his own accounting and tax firm, he most recently served as Chief Financial Officer for Virginia Tile Company in Livonia, MI.  “For over 75 years, the position of President has been held by one of the owners of General Filters, Inc.  While this has served the company well, it is time for the company to try new ideas and a new approach to business”, says President Carl Redner.  “Bob also has the advantage of being an experienced manager who can lead with a fresh professional perspective. We are confident he will be able to lead General Filters in the next stage of its development.”

 “The opportunity to assume the leadership role for General Filters, the Redner Family and the entire GFI Team has been a long-time career goal and this is perfect place to share a my professional experiences and business strategies.  I am confident that the combination of the excellent people at GFI and a laser focus on the development of high-quality products for the market that are the best in the world will provide the inspiration for growth and profitability”,   Says Abraham. 

Active in his community, Mr. Abraham has served as city councilman for the city of Dearborn, MI since 2002; serves as Chairman, Henry Ford Community College Foundation; and serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for Fordson Varsity Club. Bob is a member of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants and ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services).  Bob also supports a wide variety of other local organizations, such as Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter, Arab American National Museum, Rotary Club and more. 

Abraham comments:  “I am committed to making GFI energetic and collaborative work environment, as well as one of the “Best Places to Work” in Michigan and Canada!  Our employees, suppliers and business partners will be the key to our continued success; the products will remain the cornerstone to profitability; and our customers will be rewarded with the best products and customer service in the industry! Most importantly, homeowners throughout North America will enjoy the most comfortable living environment with excellent air quality delivered through the brand names GeneralAire®, HealthyAire®, General, Unifilter®, and Gar-Ber.”

“The General Filters Team has served our loyal customers for nearly eighty years and we are grateful to be looking toward another eighty years, continuing the tradition as a family-owned company.  It is with this enduring heritage and an ongoing commitment to product excellence, that we are excited about what Bob can bring to General Filters”, says Vice President John Redner.  “Bob’s record for revenue growth, reducing costs, and improving internal systems, will greatly enhance our future efforts.”


Founded in 1937, General Filters, Inc. professional experience spans three generations.  Manufacturers of whole house residential indoor air quality (IAQ) products (humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, UV light purifiers and ventilation systems) and residential heating fuel oil filters, General Filters’ brands include GeneralAire®, HealthyAire®, Gar-Ber, Unifilter® and General. With a manufacturing plant in Novi, MI and offices in Canada, products can be purchased from wholesaler and contractor customers across North America. Visit: for more information.

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