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Detroit Flooding - Dehumidifiers for Water Damage Cleanup

Heavy rain poured over many areas of Michigan Monday, August 11, flooding the homes of numerous Michigan residents.  Microorganisms brought into the home during flooding may present a health hazard. Even a minor flood (such as an overflowing toilet) can be enough to invite mold growth if the right procedures aren't followed. In addition, excess moisture fosters the growth of dust mites; a major cause of allergic reactions.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends dehumidifying flooded areas as quickly as possible; 24 hours or earlier after the incident is optimal. Simply letting fresh air circulate in the damp areas may not be enough. The CDC also recommends dehumidifiers to help dry the home after water damage has occurred.

Less effective room units only treat one room, require lots of maintenance (emptying water pans) and can be quite noisy.  Whole house units are ideal, as they remove moisture from your whole house without having to constantly drain a filled water pan.  And, the whole house dehumidifier will work 24/7 until the desired humidity level is reached.

HealthyAire™ (By GeneralAire®) Dehumidifiers remove from 70 to 95 pints per day!  Easily installed and operated, HealthyAire™ Dehumidifiers will help Michigan residents remove moisture fast.

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